Beta Reading and Editing Services

I provide beta reading, proofreading, and editing services. You can contact me via email at I prefer the following genres but I am open to everything :


Women's fiction
Chick lit
Paranormal romance

Beta reading :
Depending on the word count, I shall send you a detailed report about the characters, style, plot, character development, setting, word building, pacing etc. I'll be happy to answer any further questions. I usually follow a certain beta reader format but if you have one, I'll be glad to update in the same.

Charges for beta reading would be US$0.00095 per word

Proofreading and Editing :

This includes detailed line editing. I'll provide a feedback on the sentence structure, grammar, punctuation change etc. and see to it that the necessary changes are made. Only with your approval, I'd be able to change the scenes, if required that is. 
Charges for beta reading along with editing would be US$0.0023 per word onward (depending on the how much editing is required for the book)

If you are in a hurry :
For rushed beta reading, there will be an increase of US$15
For rushed editing and beta reading together, there will be increase of US$25

Lastly, I can give you a quick 24 hour turnaround for assessment of 1st and 2nd chapter of your book for $10.  I accept any format but I usually work on MS word.
Depending on the word count, I'd be able to tell you the time frame. Usually, it is provided within a 2-3 weeks.
Please email me the summary and the word count along with the genre if you're interested.
Payments are accepted only through PayPal.
Have a great day booklovers! :)


  1. Manasa was very professional and diligent. I really appreciated her quick turnaround! Thanks again for reading Manasa, I really appreciate it!

  2. Manasa left me some really good feedback. She was very through, looking at every aspect of the story - plot, characters, and more. I'd return to have her beta my book without a second thought.

  3. Manasa read my short story quickly and gave positive feedback.She also answered follow up questions in a helpful manner. Thumbs up!

  4. I had Manasa read my story and her feedback was okay. The review/feedback was short but not detailed - then again it's a short story so I guess that's understandable. She'll encourage you to ask her some follow-up questions after giving her comments.

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  6. Her feedback was short and not detailed. She'll let you ask her questions for clarification on things. She provides her feedback within reasonable timing. So, if you have any deadlines let her know. - Tiara

  7. Manasa was great as a beta reader. She gave clear communication, ETAs, and patience when I was delayed at getting back to her. People like her are a great at helping get manuscripts to their end point, so I'm quite grateful for the support!

    - Danielle

  8. The feedback was concise but helpful, covering both grammatical and story-related mistakes. In addition, occasionally she'd add a comment that wasn't necessarily critique but rather showing appreciation for a certain phrase, which I could very much appreciate.

  9. Manasa has been a pleasure to work with. She offered insightful feedback through beta reading, and provided an overall pleasant experience. Thanks, Manasa!

  10. I recently obtained a 3 book deal with Owl Hollow Press. The first book was a success due to the reliable feedback I had from beta readers and editors; this is why I landed a contract. Yet, I needed new betas for my second novel in the trilogy. So, I contacted Manasa...and was not disappointed. Diligent, thorough, and blunt - she highlights problems in the story that need to be corrected and is willing to discuss matters in depth. This is important as it allows the author to think of solutions. For me, Manasa was instrumental as she pointed out a lack of backstory/motivation for one of my villains and the need to revamp my romantic subplot. She has been invaluable and will continue to be. Highly recommended.

  11. A diligent, personal, amicable beta reader; Manasa was professional the whole way through and provided thorough, honest, useful feedback. Would definitely use her again and recommend her to all other writers. Thanks Manasa!

  12. Manasa read my short story "When Fire Met Rain", and helped me to polish it further with her opinions. She provided a nice sheet with questions and her answers to it, and read the book according to the schelude we arranged. Definitely will use her services again!

  13. A good beta reader who will endeavour to read your MS and provide insightful feedback. Thanks very much. Very pleased

  14. Useful feedback on part of a major project. Unfortunately due to Manasa being really busy her read took longer than usual. In the meantime the project moved on a pace and so some feedback was, although interesting, no longer relevant. However it was still useful and I would definitely ask her to beta read again for me.