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Review - The Curse of Arundel Hall

Title : The Curse of Arundel Hall (The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries #2)

Author : J.New

Genre : 
Historical, cozy mystery

Publisher :
 Phantom Press

Pages : 256

Published date : January 20th 2017

One ghost, one murder, one hundred years apart. But are they connected? 

Ella has discovered a secret room in The Yellow Cottage, but with it comes a ghost. Who was she? And how did she die? Ella needs to find the answers before either of them can find peace. But suddenly things take a nasty turn for the worse. 
Ella Bridges has been living on Linhay Island for several months but still hasn’t discovered the identity of her ghostly guest. Deciding to research the history of her cottage for clues she finds it is connected to Arundel Hall, the large Manor House on the bluff, and when an invitation to dinner arrives realises it is the perfect opportunity to discover more. 
However the evening takes a shocking turn when one of their party is murdered. Is The Curse of Arundel Hall once again rearing its ugly head, or is there a simpler explanation? 
Ella suddenly finds herself involved in two mysteries at once, and again joins forces with Scotland Yard’s Police Commissioner to try and catch a killer. But will they succeed? 

‘Miss Marple meets The Ghost Whisperer’ – Perfect For Fans of Golden Age Murder Mysteries, Cozy Mysteries, Clean Reads and British Amateur Sleuths 


I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
This is the second book in the series 'yellow cottage mystery'. This book can be termed as a 'stand alone' but some elements will be understood only after reading the first book.

"It's been a pleasure, Miss Bridges. I seldom meet a mind as bright as yours."

I was hyped to read the novel as it is a mix of all my favorite genres. It definitely lived up to the hype. The plot is intriguing and the characters are well developed having their own voices. The right amount of mystery with a dash of paranormal made this book a joy to read. A lot of characters appear on this book and each one of then have their own unique voice. Isobella, the protagonist cannot stop running into trouble and the kind she stumbles upon are highly mysterious. The adventures she experiences are nail biting and makes the reader want more of it.
The plot is truly interesting and the dialogues are just lovely. The book, having been written by a British author adds that vibe to it. Additionally, the theme is based on a historical time which relays the 'coziness'. Since I'm a huge fan of British novel, I practically devoured this book. The story leaves you guessing till the end and I can assure you that you will be surprised.
It ends with a cliffhanger which I absolutely adore in any book. It has the element of suspense which bugs your mind to the core. I'd definitely recommend this to a fellow mystery lover. I'm looking forward to reading more of the author's books in the future and I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

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About the author

Writer J. New, Author of The Yellow Cottage Mystery series, available now on Amazon 
J. New is the British author of Vintage Mysteries with a difference. A voracious reader and writer all her life, she took her first foray into publishing in 2013 and has never looked back.Originally from a small picturesque town in Yorkshire, she relocated to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria in 2007. Where she currently resides with her partner and an ever expanding family of rescue animals. She also has an impossible bucket list: to travel on the Orient Express with Hercule Poirot, shop in Diagon Alley with Sirius Black, laze around The Shire with Bilbo and Gandalf, explore Pico Mundo with Odd Thomas and have Tea at the Ritz with Miss Marple.

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Rating : 5

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  1. This sounds really cool. I love a good historical, and ghosts make everything better, so I should check it out.
    Shanti @Virtually Read