Thursday, 8 September 2016

Review - Light, speed, Time

Title : Light, Speed, Time

Author : L.V.Waterman

Genre : Short story, Historical fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Time travel, YA

Publisher : Self-published

Pages : 40

Published date : 23 July 2016


A young photography student thought she had glimpsed something strange through her camera. Or was it just a trick of the light? Crossing a few lines, she is determined to piece the clues together to solve a mystery.

Part one of a YA Mystery/Speculative series.

I received a copy from the author in return for an honest review and hence, I would like to thank her for this opportunity.

Firstly, It's a short story. If you aren't a fan of short stories don't pick this up. Or maybe do and explore the genre. This belongs to the mystery/historical fiction category and it lives upto it. The story moves fast and all the characters, what I can classify them as are 'super cute'. The writing style was really good and I felt the author could've written more since the plot was interesting. It could've been a better read if it was longer along with more twists in the plot. It wasn't gripping or edge of the seat book but it sure was fun to read. It would really help during a book slump, I'm sure. Also, I got informed that this is a part of a novella series and I can assure you that it would be really nice. 

About the author

L.V. Waterman is an author and a graphic designer, who currently lives in "sunny" Suffolk, UK. She has been writing fiction since late teens. All starting from her and sister taking turns in making up stories and telling each other at bedtime, then soon began writing them down. Genres varied and crossed, but mostly interested in Mystery, Thriller, Speculative, Paranormal, YA. First published work is a short novella "Light, Speed, Time" (originally written in 2009), which is now part one of a planned YA series.


Rating : 4.2

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